How do I sell my copyright(s) to SOMRE?

Please complete the offer form. We'll give you an offer on your catalog which you can choose to accept.

Can my catalog contain just 1 song?


Who collects the royalties?

SOMRE collects the royalties and pays them out to the appropriate parties based on the tokens that each party holds.

What if I'm only entitled to a portion of the royalties that I want to sell?

Not a problem. We can still purchase your portion.

What if I only own the recording copyright or the composition copyright?

We will purchase either or both.

Can my catalog contain rights from different songs?

Sure! They will be split up into their own catalogs on SOMRE.

Investor / Buyer

What am I able to buy?

You are able to buy rights to a portion of the royalties of a catalog of royalties.

Do I own the copyright?

No, you are only purchasing the rights to a share of the copyrights income.

How do I make money?

You receive royalty payments proportional to the shares that you purchase.

Can I re-sell tokens that I purchase?

Yes, this is also a way to generate income using SOMRE.