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Some information in this article may be outdated. As of February 26, 2021, SOMRE purchases the rights from copyright holders and no longer has them list their rights individually. This change negates the kickbacks and the ability to retain ownership of your copyright.


In addition, SOMRE now offers a marketplace for tokens to catalogs of royalties rather than individual royalties.


These changes ultimately create as simpler, more secure process for our users.


See Open Beta and Business Model Changes for more information.


Why Invest In Music Copyrights


Sound Investment

No pun intended


Music is always being listened to, in good times and in bad. So that means there are always royalties being paid for songs.



Sentimental Value


Just like grandparents buy Disney stock for their grandkids, copyright royalty ownership could make a great gift for someone to whic a particular song means a lot. Or maybe you can't stop listening to a song. Might as well get paid to listen to it, right?



Support Your Favorite Artists


Artists always appreciate the support of their fans, whether it is showing up to shows or buying merchandise. Now you have another way to show your support. Purchasing royalties will help the artist(s) to raise funds, which will allow them to keep creating great music.




What Can I Buy on SOMRE?


Shares of Music Royalties


Each token that you buy on SOMRE represents a share of royalties. To understand tokens more, please see the breakdown in the Wiki.  In summary, there are two different types of copyrights associated with a song, Music Composition and Sound Recording.



  • Musical Composition consists of music, including any accompanying words, and is normally registered as a work of performing arts. The author of a musical composition is generally the composer and the lyricist, if any. A musical composition may be in the form of a notated copy (for example, sheet music) or in the form of a phonorecord (for example, cassette tape, LP, or CD).
  • Sound Recording results from the fixation of a series of musical, spoken, or other sounds. The author of a sound recording is the performer(s) whose performance is fixed, or the record producer who processes the sounds and fixes them in the final recording, or both.


Both of those copyrights have 3 different streams of royalties on SOMRE:

  1. Performance Royalties - The song is played on radio or in public
  2. Reproduction Royalties - Sales and streaming
  3. Sync Licensing - Use of the song in a movie, TV show, or video game




Who Pays the Royalties?


There are a number of different organizations that collect royalties on the copyright owner's behalf: record labels, publishing companies, PROs, etc. They collect the royalties from the source, i.e. where the music is consumed. Below is a breakdown of the current popular sources where listeners consume music. 



When a copyright owner adds their copyright to SOMRE, SOMRE now receives the payment from those royalty collecting organizations. SOMRE then distributes the royalties collected to anyone that holds the appropriate tokens.



Start Investing In Music Royalties


To get started, you'll first need to sign up.


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Once you've created you account, you can then deposit funds straight from your bank account. You can immediately use those funds to puchase tokens. Just search the marketplace for songs that you are interested in buying and then place an order. Once your order is filled, you'll start earning royalties!