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Some information in this article may be outdated. As of February 26, 2021, SOMRE purchases the rights from copyright holders and no longer has them list their rights individually. This change negates the kickbacks and the ability to retain ownership of your copyright.


In addition, SOMRE now offers a marketplace for tokens to catalogs of royalties rather than individual royalties.


These changes ultimately create as simpler, more secure process for our users.


See Open Beta and Business Model Changes for more information.


"Ask not what your copyrights can do for SOMRE - ask what SOMRE can do for your copyrights" - John F Kennedy, probably


You've Got Options

If you're looking for a company that will help you capture royalties on musical compositions or recordings, you have a lot of options. You have even less options if you need someone to help with both compositions AND recordings.



  • Musical Composition consists of music, including any accompanying words, and is normally registered as a work of performing arts. The author of a musical composition is generally the composer and the lyricist, if any. A musical composition may be in the form of a notated copy (for example, sheet music) or in the form of a phonorecord (for example, cassette tape, LP, or CD).
  • Sound Recording results from the fixation of a series of musical, spoken, or other sounds. The author of a sound recording is the performer(s) whose performance is fixed, or the record producer who processes the sounds and fixes them in the final recording, or both.


If you're looking for a company that will help you sell your copyrights, you have a few options of companies that will auction off your copyrights. If you are looking for a company that will let you keep your copyright while allowing you to sell partial or full rights to the royalties, then you have only one option.


SOMRE can help you with all of the above. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. We're going to take a look at some of the reasons SOMRE might be useful for people that own musical copyrights.




First, the Free Stuff

Royalty Capture Audit

What is it? When you add your copyrights to SOMRE, we'll check to make sure there are not any additional royalties that you could be potentially missing out on.


Why is it important?  If we end up finding additional royalties you are entitled to, then we can help point you in the right direction to collect those missing royalties. We may even be able to offer you discounts with our partners that can collect the royalties for you.



No Interest Funding

What is it? When you sell rights to your copyright royalties, you do not pay an interest rate like you would if you were to take out a loan. All you pay is the commission when you buy or sell on the SOMRE marketplace.


Why is it important? Saves you money. Whether you are an established artist or starting artist, both can benefit from cheaper funding.



Unprecedented Flexibility

What is it? You can sell or distribute anywhere from .01% - 100% of each stream of your copyright's royalties (e.g. performance royalties, reproduction royalties, etc.) .


Why is it important? Traditionally the most popular option for selling a copyright is an all or nothing approach via an auction. On SOMRE, you are able to choose how much of a particular royalty you are comfortable parting with.



Royalty Distribution Management

What is it? Any number of tokens can be sent to other individuals. As royalties are received, a portion of that royalty will go straight to anyone holding those tokens (proportional to the amount of tokens that they hold).


Why is it important? People that receive copyright royalties often have one or more other individuals that they divide the royalty payments between.





A kickback is money that SOMRE pays you each time your royalties are traded on the marketplace. Not only do you receive the funds from the initial sale of your royalty, you also receive a portion of each subsequent sale.



In the above example, Mr. Navy has added his copyrights to SOMRE. He puts some of the tokens up for sale. Miss Scarlet would like to buy the tokens for the price which Mr. Navy is selling. Trade 1 is created. Miss Scarlet receives her tokens and Mr. Navy receives payment. Also notice that Mr. Navy has already received a kickback on this initial sale.


Later on, Miss Scarlet decides that she would like to sell the tokens that she originally bought from Mr. Navy. Now, Colonel Mustard would like to purchase the tokens for the price which Miss Scarlet is selling. Trade 2 is created. Colonel Mustard receives his tokens and Miss Scarlet receives payment. Mr. Navy also receives a kickback from this trade based on the price of the sale. A higher price means a higher kickback for Mr. Navy. Trades can happen continuously, meaning the stream of kickbacks is essentially infinite.


So while Mr. Navy may have given up his future royalty payments in exchange for money from Miss Scarlet, he is now receiving kickbacks as long as people are trading the royalties that he brought to SOMRE.


It is easy to see why selling copyright royalties on SOMRE can be very appealing to people that own copyrights. Fair value is obtained via the initial transaction and then ongoing kickbacks are received for all subsequent transactions.






Add Your Copyrights

If you would like to get started so that you can take advantage of all of the above benefits then you'll need to add your copyright(s) to SOMRE.


Add Copyrights


You just need to provide some initial information about the copyright and who (if anyone) is already collecting the royalties for you. SOMRE will take care of the rest.